Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro

A powerful photo editor with many amazing effects, filters and collage maker!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: December 20, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



* Photo Editor Pro is a powerful photo editor with many amazing effects and filters !
* A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone!
* There are so many effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos!
* Photo Editor Pro is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly be pro, even if you’ve never edited a photo before
* Build in photo collage feature, Photo Editor Pro will give you the look you want in seconds.

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Transform photos with the tap of a finger. Use simple, yet powerful, photo editing tools to apply filters, adjust colors, and more!

Key Features:
+ One-tap auto enhance
+ Photo filters
+ Gorgeous photo effects and frames
+ Fun stickers
+ Color balance
+ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo
+ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
+ Sharpen and blur
+ Color temperature ("Warmth")
+ Color Splash
+ Focus (Tilt Shift)
+ Draw and add text
+ Create your own memes
+ Photo collage feature help you combine multiple photos with various frame patterns
+ Share to social network

Note: the edited image is saved in "Album/Picture" or "File Manager/DCIM/Camera" or “Gallery/Picture"


1,861,730 total
5 1,175,247 
4 317,454 
3 168,877 
2 68,994 
1 131,158 

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Bong F Ming Published date: February 9, 2018

    1. Chinese word don appear after i reinstall this apps on my new hp. only , or . & english typing were saved. wat happen? 2. I hope photoeditor pro can improve this apps by accepting text that copy from other sources & paste it here 3. I hope we don need to delete d whole sentences just because we need to add a missing alphabet at our beginning word. TQ BongFM Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    future mind Published date: January 29, 2018

    First use was flawless. I love it! People complaining about the ads, it's only fair that the devs generate a small amount of money for their hard work. Be grateful. They could justifiably charge for an app of this quality. Yes I know this is the best comment yet. Nothing to argue with. Just download it. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Angela Perez Published date: December 23, 2017

    It's a good app, one of the best editing apps I've used. Only reason for not rating it 5 🌟 is because I cannot get any of the extra free filters, stickers, etc. Every time I try to sigh in/sign up, an error screen pops up. I even waited to see if maybe it was the version I had. But when I updated the error still occurred. When I can access all of it's features, I will rate 5 🌟. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Erin Chance Published date: January 8, 2018

    Why can't I rate less than one star? This app is terrible. You can't undo anything and every time I edit a photo and save it, it saves it wrong. The edits are always either screwed up or missing all together. What a waste of time! Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Kilty Kidd Published date: February 11, 2018

    Don't get me wrong, love the app but so very limited on the features. I could only download one pack in each feature. Because the sign-up/in refuses to work, Always stating "Please try again later" I can't install any more features. I uninstalled after an update because the problem was not fixed. Until I see changes in this problem, I'm leaving it one star. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Dan Marzo Published date: February 19, 2018

    Used on S7 Edge and worked great. Just got a Note 8 and the files do not save correctly for the phone to read. And no settings to adjust. Saves as .jpeg to a Cache folder but phone cannot open for some reason . Will look for another editing app Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    devann knutson Published date: March 18, 2018

    I would definitely give it a 5, but I have been having errors with it lately. I can't log in to my account, so I'm unable to download other filters, frames, ext. I only get what comes standard on the app. I wish this could be fixed! On my other phone there were so many cool extras! Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    CreativeComic Co. Published date: January 28, 2018

    It's ok and all but there is one function you really need to add -- UNDO. I am a clumsy guy, and I can't change text, ink or meme text after it's been applied. Adding an undo function will make your app so much better. Although, I might try another one. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    MELISSA KENNEY Published date: February 14, 2018

    I'm having trouble getting to the sign up page. I would like to download additional options. It just keeps saying an error occurred and the only thing I can do is close the window. Very bummed about that... Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Published date: March 22, 2018

    I love this so much. It is so easy to use and the effects and everything are just as I expected them to be. The only thing though is I wish there was more fonts for lettering. Though, other than that it is an absolutely amazing app. I give it 5 stars. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Sierra Nelson Published date: January 3, 2018

    I like this app because it is completely free (from what I know of) and it is very easy to use. Unfortunately, this app is not suitable for the chromebook, and when it requires me to sign in to adobe to install a lot of the filters avalible, the app cannot load the sign up/in site. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Published date: February 24, 2018

    This is the best photo editer it's so good! I don't know why people keep saying there's too much adds because adds only popped up like twice? Anyway I love this app!👍👍 Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Tyler Dennis Published date: March 16, 2018

    Doesn't let you do something as basic and selecting what folder I want to get the photos from. It just gives you a list of random pictures on your phone in an order that it decides. Terrible. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Mike Y Published date: January 26, 2018

    The help feature is useless. I can not find a way to import a picture from a particular gallery. It only lets you select photos in the order they were put on your phone. Older version was easy to use. I don't like this version Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Tinashe Published date: January 18, 2018

    Please fix the filters options coz it keeps giving authentication error. very annoying. Please Please. The app has been working good up untill these updates. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Terry Broadley Published date: March 6, 2018

    You need to make the app able to view folders. I don't want to have to thumb through thousands of photos to get to the one I want to edit. Plus the app has way too many ads. Uninstalling.... Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Dhiraj Kale Published date: January 28, 2018

    The app is so much better than any other app. But the thing is that if we want to text something on the photo the font style are not added. Every photo editing app had the text style or font style. So my request is to add the font style in next update. Please. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Nik Nak Published date: February 26, 2018

    Bloody awesome editor. I have only 2 downpoints: 1 - I get an error message when trying to install the Effects packs. Even though I have an Adobe account. 2 - no purchase option to remove ads. I'm more than happy to pay for this, the ads make it so annoying. Would rate 5 stars if these are rectified Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Claire Kellett Published date: January 11, 2018

    Brill app! But won't let me login to install more features. Other than that, it's ace. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Deven Nichols Published date: January 2, 2018

    I absolutely LOVE this app its easy to use and has great features I had an old version for about a year and didn't bother updating it. I just re- installed the app and its even better with less ad's and features. I'll admit it does have a few flaws like how I'm unable to "sighn up" for other features but nevertheless its a great app that does amazing edits especially for a mobile app. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Jessica Braswell Published date: February 21, 2018

    Love the app BUT I can't download any other effects besides the original. I go to sign up and it says error occurred. If it wasn't for that I'd give 5 star's Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Scott Sanders Published date: January 20, 2018

    Just trying to change a phone number on a picture and this app won't do it.. why can't I erase the old one fill in with the background color and write text to change the number.. what's sad is windows does this easily. Could careless about 99% of the features when I cannot edit a photo.. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    JAYO Published date: January 30, 2018

    Great App! Only One Problem... Everytime I Try To Sign In Or Sign Up, It Gives Me An Error Message After Redirecting Me To A Blank Page! Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Steven Warr Published date: January 2, 2018

    Shortest lived app in my history. Within 5 seconds of opening for the first time I got hit with a game ad and immediately uninstalled. Pics were sideways too. Good luck to you guys lol. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Sheyla Galvez Peisl Published date: March 19, 2018

    I can not sign in or sign up (try later comes for ever).. The effects are really cool .. if you can use them! I had them in my previous phone... Please fix this and I'll give 5 stars... After some months uninstalling because I can not download more filters !! It's a pity, it was a good app Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Jade Gilbert Published date: December 24, 2017

    Its so annoying when you are putting text in! No option to centre the text and once u have typed u cant edit wat u have typed without deleting it all first! Otherwise a good app.. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Melanie Ridley Published date: February 28, 2018

    The app seems great so far, but I'm trying to download extras on it but it doesn't let me sign in or sign up. Keeps saying an error has occurred??? Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Flick Duce Published date: January 2, 2018

    This app, is amazing, I'd really like to get a career in photo editing/photo shop, I've not had a problem with this app so far and I'm hoping that it keeps going up hill not down😂 thanks so much, I can't think of anything to improve 😄😄 Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Alyssa Turek Published date: January 19, 2018

    Way too many ads. Every time I unlocked my phone, an ad would pop up. I'd be on a completely different app and ads from this app would constantly pop up Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Martha Brown Published date: January 31, 2018

    Not sure how to get the extra effects. When I try to get them it says error authenticating. Please try again. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Daniel O'Connor Published date: December 31, 2017

    Trying to colour out some writing but there's no undo button. So as soon as you make one mistake, you have to start again. Pointless when trying to make a quick edit with your fingers. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Bonnie-Rose Wise Published date: February 15, 2018

    A ok app but you have to buy everything and download everything desperately. Would not recommend this app. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Sophie Miller Published date: January 9, 2018

    The app is ok there are sone good things on it but thier are some anoying things on it but so far it has been a pritty good app to use so i hope they put some more or a few up dates on it that is my short review well it isent that short but i hope u like it thankyou who ever red this Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Published date: February 21, 2018

    Great! At first I thought you had to actually install stickers and such, but no! Just click and bam, it's in the app! No seperate app! And instantly downloads sticker and such. Great! BUT, I HATE how you you can only turn to certain angles 👎👎👌 AND evertime you're done and press done, it exits you out of the app. And it repets and you have to exit the app. And you really need an UNDO button. Terrible for Apple products 😞 Also you can only download 2 sets of everything. Boo. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Valerie Nanchengwa Published date: March 21, 2018

    The app is great but I'm having trouble downloading filter packs. This is really annoying because it's my favourite editor but I can't get any of the packs . Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Mike W Published date: February 5, 2018

    No way to 'undo' a single action..if you make one mistake and hit 'back' it erases all the work youve already done. Unable to sort a collage after choosing need to select pics for individual squares, you cannot simply dragNdrop to shift them around...also the calibration of your photos in the collage is terrible...doesnt shrink to size appropriately. app is good for quick easy edits but there are much better ones out there as this one is also a battery drain! Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Tacy Ward Published date: January 29, 2018

    I Luv it. Very simple & basic. Does what it's suppose to with a couple ads but nothin that bothers ya. Perfect for fixing simple issues with pics. Definitely recommend! Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    Published date: January 1, 2018

    Really good app for portrait editing. Only criticism is can't zoom in small enough to edit really finely and also there aren't any effect overlays. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    bonnie kirby Published date: January 6, 2018

    Almost gave 5 stars. Just had a bit of difficulty adding text. Thrilled that this program is free! It's great. Full Review

  • Photo Editor Pro
    WolfsHowl Published date: January 4, 2018

    This app is amazing I was jealous of my friend and she said she used an app and I started using this and it has everything. I mean everything from red eye to whiten and its all for free! Full Review