Warlings: Armageddon

Warlings: Armageddon

Destroy your enemies and the terrain in this new turn based strategy.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Updated: December 20, 2015
  • Requires Android: 3.0 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Bring Armageddon to your enemies and everything around them in this new edition of Warlings, a turn based strategy enjoyed by over 3 million players! Plan ahead and fight with almost 30 weapons on 10 unique maps (more to come!). Defeat other players online and reach the Master rank. You can play with friends too.

● Fully destructible terrain
● 29 awesome weapons
● 10 quality maps
● Customizable troops
● Play online or over Bluetooth
● Online ranked games
● Hot-seat mode


217,978 total
5 153,708 
4 30,606 
3 14,374 
2 5,445 
1 13,845 

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Ben Pearson Published date: June 4, 2016

    Diamond downloads don't work Did everything it asks for you to do such as mobile strike download and complete level. I leveled to four and no diamonds. Same with other gamez. do enjoy the game play but wish it would allow you to get the offers it says cost me data downloading stuff. Would give five star if this worked. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Tom Gledstone Published date: June 25, 2016

    Remove your adds! You have no idea how enoying they are! All i fo when they pop up is wait 5 seconds the press the 'X' so whats the point in them. Remove them to make the game actually playable. But when you do actually get a chance to play the game it is really good but you will have to wait through 5 mins of adds to play for about 30 seconds Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Jacob Bremer Published date: January 21, 2016

    Was perfect before Before this update you could buy a warling skin for 0,99. And adds were completely removed. But now i have to watch all videos and drain my data bundle. Sorry 17th. This game was the best, but you stopped caring about the gamer, and reduced players by 50℅ if not more. Though i hope i find another game with Warlings gameplay. From 5 to 3 stars because of adds-update. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    David Daio Published date: April 24, 2016

    Fairly decent This game is obviously a copy of the legendary Worms, but still has some new features, which is nice. Playing against the AI, I found that it's quite easy to game - like if you set 5 worms (?) each team and it gets rather crowded in these small maps, the AI struggles to do something meaningful. But the game rewards persistence - you unlock new weapons and maps as you progress and I like it. Still, after every battle you've got to endure these ads, since the game is free. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Marcelo Barría Published date: January 16, 2016

    Great game This game is great. Some things like the power bar could be easier to use (sometimes I want to shoot stronger/farther but I run out of screen). It would be good to be able to cancel a shot after you touch the screen but before you actually shoot. The ads don't bother too much, remember that is a free game after all. Very entertaining and addictive game. Oh please add chat! Or pre-written messages. Like "good one" or "I'll get you back for that one!!" Edit: lowered to 4☆ because of ads midgame. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Tristan Hirsch Published date: April 16, 2016

    Good It's a really good and fun game love the multi-player. Maybe can you on the multi-player allow us to be able to set the game setting like how many people, and the ads. No one likes them and they rarely do anything other than annoy you please decrease the ads Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Surf Widow Published date: October 21, 2016

    A good android version of the original! Way too many video ads every game has a 5 second advert. This is way too greedy. This is pretty good and I enjoyed the team 17 original on my PC and although this is not of that ilk. This is a fun time waster! Well done for making it Freemium :) 😊☺😅😉:P Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Dj-Clik :D Published date: January 10, 2017

    Loved it but... The Bluetooth multiplayer was working on only my friend's phone, and when he changed, we were never able to play again cause it doesn't connect properly... I wish we could hot-seat, but he's to far for that but too near for internet-based multiplayer, which he couldn't do because he has no data... So... If it's possible, pls fix this issue, we're both on Xiaomi phones. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Rock Gardner Published date: September 29, 2017

    Significantly more than 30s will elapse in real time while the CPU tries to make a decision before the 22s mark in game. How do I change the timer on my grenades? Why cant projectiles maintain their arc or pass straight through enemies ? UPDATE: Uninstalled. Projectiles going straight through enemies timing glitch are ridiculous. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    fred rodriguez Published date: October 31, 2016

    Love this game team vs (worms) style. I like the game alot. If i could ask to be better would maybe need a few more new weapons. And maybe a practice mode for the weapons i had trouble getting a few weapons down still mess up on axe a few times lol good time killer and addicting Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Nathaniel Pels Published date: May 2, 2017

    The game glitches up and frezzes for a few min every time the computer uses teleport or his Ray gun. That and half the advertisements are 15 sec to 30. Your first warlings game ran smoother and way less adds. Great game except the glitches Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Cinnama Published date: December 23, 2015

    Online Balance is Needed It is a great game, but if you could work on making the online battles combine people with more equal ranks, it would be more enjoyable. The highest ranked can easily defeat low rank opponents. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Yik Then Teoh Published date: January 23, 2016

    Great game but keep freezing It is great game similar to Worms. However the online connectivity battle is a pain in the butt. Every now and then keeps freezing leaving players either to wait or to quit the game. Either way, you will lose your ranking. Pls check ty Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Michael Dillie Published date: August 15, 2016

    Not worth the time Between the adds and the God mode computer it will take many game play hours to get all the gadgets. Cool concept, but the worms did it better. Also you guys have quite a few adds that are just broken code...... Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Thinh Doan Published date: December 30, 2015

    Good enough There's a problem and idk why the bots take it too long to shoot,they keep thinking and looking around for a while before shooting,it really wastes my time and the laser you have to aim right on the center of the body to get it hit. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Robert S Published date: February 5, 2016

    Diamonds don't work Fun to play however I did 3 of the earn diamond offers and never received any so that's pretty annoying. Why make it so I have to download and play other games if you're not going to give out the reward? Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Nakul Kundra Published date: May 25, 2016

    CHEATING I liked this game like anything.. but when i started thinking about getting diamonds. After completing 2 tasks . I did not get any diamonds. 😢... I would have given 5 stars if i would have got the diamonds after installing those stupid apps and signing up ... Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Sheldon Peters Published date: February 10, 2017

    I understand if a 30 second ad pops up after a round has been played. But to have one randomly pop up while setting up a game? Honestly pathetic. How desperate can one be. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Fred Martinez Published date: May 20, 2016

    Developer doesn't care about user feedback. Really sad.. Everyone complaints about ads, diamonds, unfair advantages of computer and in multi-player games, and still no changes made. Developer simply doesn't care and at this point this game is not about users having fun, it's all about developer getting paid for ads seen! Greedy sad bastard.. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Brent Munday Published date: September 17, 2016

    Great Gameplay. But hate the ads so #*!×&%/ much. Hate that other players lose signal and game will just pause until I go out, but then I lose. But sometimes I wait up to 5 minutes. If I lose signal it's an automatic loss for me. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Matthew Marcom Published date: December 22, 2016

    Love it...but freeze Awesome game. Great for a quick or long play but it seems like im getting frozen in play every other game. Other than that its been a classic since it was first online. Edit: This is rough. Connection checked and im still freezing every other game. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    t {OwO t} The Owl Flipping The Bird Published date: August 7, 2017

    Every time it's my opponent turn (CPU) everything slows down until they used their weapon. If you don't fix this, it's obvious you don't care about your fans. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Leah Salvador Published date: March 20, 2016

    "Few" improvements Make it REALLY like worms by the warling classes like soldier, scout, scientist, and heavy like in worms 3. Also make more weapons and make it so that all the weapons are good to go and you don't need stars for it. If you don't make it like that, I'll have to say worms is better despite its price. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Nicholas Slavik Published date: September 25, 2016

    Could be better It's real annoying that sending friend invites doesn't seem to work. Try playing ovet bluetooth and wifi and either myself or my wife will try sending an invite and more often than not one of us won't get it. Fix this damn issue Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Josiah Nunemaker Published date: July 2, 2016

    Could use some optimizations Good gamelan but after you start aiming a weapon, you can't change your view of which weapon. Also, the hitboxes on the warlings doesn't fully cover their sprite. Overall a great game! Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Adam de Comarmond Published date: June 6, 2017

    Would be better if the warlings bounced when getting hit by explosions instead of just sitting like a rock. And to add onto that, be able to view anywhere on the map during game play. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Vishal Suthar Published date: October 18, 2017

    Cant get frag grenade as the ad doesnt play. But you definitely get hell lot of ads on opening and closing the app and anytime in between too. The time button is placed near the jump so sometimes while hitting jump you tend to click the time skip and you miss your turn. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    shawn leclair Published date: September 6, 2016

    So addicting Play with my girl all the time, can't stop playing. Minus the adds for other games, no videos and I can exit them out an continue without wait. Great Job with this one!! Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Lance Andrew Cabanillas Published date: January 4, 2016

    Nice,but... Nice but.. there is one problem...if i finished the game those ads is always appearing in my Screen please remove ads to stop Annoying everyone...i will rate it 5 if you remove the ads then 2 if more ads will annoy me....Thank You!!!😀😀😀Have a Nice Day 17th Pixel Poland! Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    jay gallant Published date: January 1, 2016

    A little aggressive with ads Great follow up to the original, but once the ads started featuring sound, it killed the game for me. Its too intrusive. Now, its even more corrupt by the fact that i have to watch ads to re-unlock weapons I've already earned. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    EnderNinja99 Published date: December 19, 2016

    The Ads.. Now we all know the frag, right? Well you need to see a ad to get it, right? Well I did that and it didn't give me that. Also there ARE WAY TOO MANY ads..just put one every 2ND win atleast! Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    georgiana Chebut Published date: May 15, 2017

    its a very good game, it suck you in and you have various methods to play alone or.with friends or online, even 2 players on a phone. The only thing that annoyed me its the time button... it is to close to the jump button so it happens so many times to hit that instead of jump and you just skip your turn which mostly lead to game loosing. some work to be carry on the controls and waiting for an upgrade Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    My skin is ORENGE Published date: December 24, 2016

    Hated this game to say the least. REMOVE ADS! Every battle was no new excitement. It was a waste of time. Your rigged opponent would almost always destroy you. If you were lucky enogh to claim victory, you would have to execute the pain of seeing your victory reward being 1 star. Need I remind you, the most expensive weapon in the game is 999 stars! Do you expect us to win 999 battles? Not to mention the fact that if you won or lost, their was ALWAYS an annoying advert waiting for you. To save you the trouble, do not download this game. Dont be tricked by the pictures above either. It is just a gimmick. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Joe Dart Published date: August 28, 2016

    Great game Just like worms. You should have an option in the weapons selection. Where you could communicate a message to your opponent instead of using a weapon. Like write a short sentence and it would show up like a speech bubble or something. I get frustrated that I can't trash talk or goad my opponent. Other than that fantastic Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Eric Cervantes Published date: June 27, 2016

    Fun and Addictive! Love the game. But... lately it's crashing a lot. The game is still glitchy and needs some bug fixing. Also Bluetooth option not working properly. Overall AWSOME game and would give it 5 Stars if it wasn't so glitchy. Thanks! Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Alan CJMG Morales Published date: August 12, 2016

    Copy but great Although its clearly a copy of WORMS ARMAGEDDON and most weapons are identical, this is free and is still entertaining, worms 1, 2 or 3 are worth the pay,btw, dont download the original warlings this is much better . 17 PIXEL POLAND, what would make this game awsome would be single player campaign mode woth more blues and less greens as challenges Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Jeremiah Greco Published date: February 5, 2016

    Needs improvement For the love of God, please include an option to remove the ads. I'll pay for it, it's just ridiculous to be forced to watch and listen to the same thing over and over again. Also, would be great to include name and picture in multiplayer, as well as ladder rank etc. The sticker rank system sucks it's too vague and broad, I would like to know how I stack altogether and for that day. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Eugene Hignight Published date: February 21, 2016

    Problems with wifi connection. Why does it not work with 4G? .....I gess since I reduced the stars they decided to remove it from my phone. So I would have to install it again. Well I don't think so.... Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Zakk Weathersby Published date: August 18, 2017

    Pretty much the same as regular warlings except you can get different helmets. Its also kinda glitchy. Regular warlings seems more stable. Also ive watched several ads and it still has not unlocked the red grenade. I think i am just going to uninstall this game. Full Review

  • Warlings: Armageddon
    Phancy Cat03 Published date: December 7, 2016

    Great game I like this game but after awhile I get tired of it. And then when I want to play something I haven't played in a long time, then I play it, but I get tired of it again. This is a great game, and I would recommend this to some people, but not to people who are hyper and are always ready for action. Great game, tho☺ Full Review