Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike

The world's largest MMO with the biggest action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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  • Current Version: 0
  • Updated: November 20, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 50,000,000 - 100,000,000



Become an action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new game of modern war -  Mobile Strike! Build a base, control the action, and test your elite troops against enemies on the battlefield! With cutting-edge assault vehicles in your arsenal this worldwide MMO game tests your ability to wage a tactical and intelligent war.

It's not whose arsenal is bigger, it's whose arsenal is best! Design a customized base to reflect the kind of hero you want to be. Amass defenses to protect your base, or manufacture an arsenal unrivaled on the battlefield! In true MMO fashion you can join an alliance and bring to bear the benefits of a multilateral force as you dominate the action and become the Head of State in an entirely new kind of action game!

✔Join with millions of players from around the world
✔ Forge powerful alliances with elite players against formidable enemies
✔ Build and customize your base
✔ Engage with rogue war machines on the battlefield to collect items and experience
✔Train, level up and supply your commander with superior firepower
✔Use modern combat vehicles, artillery, and strategic units
✔Command 4 military tiers consisting of 16 troop types

Check out the elite new MMO Mobile Strike, a war game to end all war games!

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904,670 total
5 532,040 
4 96,413 
3 73,888 
2 34,557 
1 167,772 

  • Mobile Strike
    Steven Gibson Published date: November 25, 2017

    Money grab. Unless you have $300 a week to spend on this never ending money pit, you will never go anywhere in this game. You can only get so far, then you a required to spend actual cash to continue playing. If you want to max out your base you better have DEEP pockets. This is not a joke, if you want to be a serious player, it will cost you around $300 a week just to keep up. Only the rich get anywhere in this game. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Robert Rutherford Published date: February 7, 2018

    Mobile Strike has reset game. Nothing below cyber troops are being supported , no RSS . Also. One cyber Titan can zero anything that has highest normal T52 troops and best bio titans...... without sending a commander Once u reach building level 1100 offered for less than 19.99 USDyou will have no access to packs less than $100 USD and no access to RSS for older troops Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Jessica Harman Published date: February 11, 2018

    I use to have one of the strongest bases in MKST.. Mistress Vixen..nickname Vix. Anyhow i have spent easily around $3,000 us dollar on this game. And one day my shield lapsed and I got zeroed after about 40 plus hits. I quit playing. I started back and spent littke money cause I missed my alliance people I started to consider family after almost a year of play. Anyhow now they came out with cybernetics and the packs for that are $99.00 everytime. I'm sorry this has went to far. This is a pay to play game 100%. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Caitlin Cox Published date: January 10, 2018

    Lots to do to increase your power, tons of new buildings giving massive power boosts, just wait a little bit & you may get lucky with a $99 pack being reduced to $19. Make sure you have plenty of money for this game. If you don't have the money, then starting out new, you'll be at a stand still around HQ level 20 & commander level 50, with only increasing power by researching, training more troops, & building traps for your wall. This game has been slowing down a lot lately though, not sure if it's the game or my phone causing it. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Jann Grzybowski Published date: December 13, 2017

    Some comments are exxagerated ... yes to be a top player you need to spend some money. But you can be plenty strong to play against the top players and only spend 20$ or so a week. Inventors have a gold mine for sure, but I enjoy the game very much so. -->InSightFull Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    an_average_thatcher Published date: February 15, 2018

    This game is just pay to play. Litteraly to get anywhere into the game you have to spend money and not even a couple days later new stuff comes out locked away behind a pay wall and your outdated so fast that you have to keep spending money to remotely stand a chance. The only way to stay caught up is basically 100 dollar packs every week it feels like. Do not waste your time and money on this game like most of the people who play it do Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    charles morris Published date: March 1, 2018

    When you buy packs they change the game and none of the boosts work. So it is a rip off. I am number 3 in my state with power and when I attack with my commander it is weaker than attacking without my commander. They wont answer questions and just leave you hanging Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Published date: November 26, 2017

    I've been playing for 2 years now, I used to have fun but just to switch ur gear UPGRADE and enhance takes forever to do. I kinda gave up on the game because I can't get into my never battle ready Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Arturo Guadalupe Published date: December 3, 2017

    DON'T BOTHER WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!! It is so slow,lag sucks. By the time you deploy troops you bn hit 4-5 times. LAG HAS GOTTEN WORST IT IS A BIG PROBLEM. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    FL Panther Published date: January 17, 2018

    Their support dept is a joke! Only want your money don't waste your time or money. The store is designed to bait you with a low price for your 1st purchase but if you take the bait the prices just keep increasing after your 2nd purchase the price for anything will be $99 USD! It is nonstop ripoff! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Joel Sabuero Published date: December 28, 2017

    This game is a waste of time. Its a money pit. Dont even think to download this game unless youre a millionaire. The developers become so greedy that you need to shield 24/7 if you dont want to loose your troops. They need to balance the defense and offense if they want players to stay for long. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Barbara Mays Published date: December 24, 2017

    Updated to frequently, unless you plan to spend 8 plus hours a day playing this game, you will not be able to keep up with the updates, nevermind the cost of the updates. You will need to spend $99 every two to three days just to keep up Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Numair Manzoor Published date: January 8, 2018

    This game honestly is not what they make you believe when you install it. They want you to keep on spending money to upgrade and the items you buy are later offered for free anyway. If you make a mistake and you write to their support team for help, they do not help you at all. I accidentally without paying attention broke my life time speed ups and i asked them to fix it as it was an honest mistake but they refused it. Other people have also experienced problems. It is a waste of money to keep buying packs that cost a lot without any end or improvement to the game or its graphics or role-play. I would advise you to look at other games with other developers... Rest is up to you. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Jesse Fiedler Published date: January 14, 2018

    Free to download. Pay to play. Save your money and go play a game that doesn't suck. In game instructions have incorrect info. Gameplay is atrocious. Edit: this game really jumped the shark... so many ridiculous addition make it impossible to ever be competitive Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Jennifer Hansen Published date: January 19, 2018

    Someone hacked my credit card and bought a pack. Game won't resolve credit issue. All they want is your money. Use to be a fun game. Buyer beware. You will spend tons of money to keep up with game. Not fun at all anymore and way to expensive Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Rick Malone Published date: March 6, 2018

    Complete garbage! You have to buy the new packs every single week or you get demolished, even thnen you have to buy the $100 packs and spend countless hours just tok be on par! This game was a massive waste of my time, if someone wants an account with 980TTTT you can have it! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Don White Published date: March 3, 2018

    I'm probably over 5 grand into this free app. Glitches are constant. Same email responses for every issue. We will pass it on to the correct people. Never helps. No real fixes or answers. Just a money grab. Do yourself a favor and don't start Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    John Spears Published date: December 4, 2017

    This game SUCKS! It does nothing but take your money and blame all its problems on the players. If Google play was smart they would remove it from the store. Most of my alliance left the game and we now play another game that's a lot cheaper and much more fun. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Louis Melton Published date: January 18, 2018

    Game freezes. Not compatible with phones. Boots you off every 5 minutes. Half of the features no longer work. I've had the game almost 3 years now. I remember when lvl 21 was the highest level now I'm at lvl 650. The spending never stops. Couple that with the constant freezing, I must give this game the lowest of ratings Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Laura Menting Published date: December 16, 2017

    Don't be fooled. It's not free if you actually want to get anywhere. The game crashes constantly. I've turned on shields to find later that the game didn't update it. I have no access to one account right now for some reason but they say they're working on it because they know what is going on. Find something else to play unless you want to buy $100 packages to keep up with the big swingers. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Chadd Cawthon Published date: November 23, 2017

    I wish I would have never played this game. It's not possible to have a good experience within buying additional resources/packs. Bad design. Too many types and layers of things. You might get gifts, but they require over 6,000 clicks (not an exaggeration)! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Wayne booth Published date: December 29, 2017

    Was a great game when it was first released. Now it is shocking, lags even worse than before. Costs ridiculous amounts to compete. Game doesn't even make sense now. I mean what is 1MTTTT in numbers 😜. Tony b has been playing 5 years which is quite impressive as it hasn't been around that long! Don't bother is my best advice! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Rashid Mesbah Published date: January 6, 2018

    1. this is game of packs. 2. they make players to tag their bases to show them as active. it make them target so players zero eachother and fill pocket of game makers. 3. whenever I write sentenceses to critisize game makers in chats, they censore them! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Renee Gaudreault Published date: December 20, 2017

    U spend money to get ready for war.I think I am ready too go to cp and look at the other players base and think I am going to die. Their lvl and power are bigger than mine, so I spend more money an that still don't help for the event this game is starting to suck. My res base I have never spent no then on it and I have it Hq lvl 350 what is up with that. Helping a base who has not spent no money. Help the people who has spent money Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Redneck Mafia Published date: December 29, 2017

    I had a problem with my peace shield dropping for no reason. Mobile Strike says it's because I activated a boost reduction of food rss. I received no notification of this other. Thanks shield was replaced. Gave me no explanation as to why it had been replaced. I don't have Titans blue print no need for me to activate Titan boost . Game glitching and I was attacked when my 30 day shield dropped for no reason. MS did nothing about it. MS gives awful customer service. I spend my hard earned money every month. I should get what I pay for. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Pinter Zoltan Published date: December 28, 2017

    Just flag as "other objection" and write pay to play. This type of game really has nothing to do in the play store. Laggy, 90% of times fails to load, slow and uninteresting. I've played it about a year ago pretty heavily, it was kind of fun back then, but it's out of control now. Millions of days for research (millions of types too) endless amounts of resources (what's MTTT? It's a joke is what it is). Used to be 6 types of resources, now it's like 60 maybe. I'm lvl 380, but the highest is 700+, a year ago it was 21 and PERIOD.! Greedy game, had potential before, now it's just a showoff that impresses no one really. Wanna be on top? What do you get? Nothing, just keep buying packs. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Donald Thornsberry Published date: December 26, 2017

    Became way too expensive. Definition of pay to play game. New releases every 5-6 hours. The second that you buy a pack, your base is already outdated. So many players have quit in the last week because of this nonsense. Even the big spenders. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Herbert Koerner Published date: February 18, 2018

    This is the perfect game if you're stupid enough to invest literally thousands of dollars for absolutely no gain or enjoyment. Sure, you can play for free if you always keep a shield up and never attack. This is the quintessential pay to win game. Take heed if you are a new player. If you are an old player, quit now, accept your $ losses, and move on with your life. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Matthew Soppitt Published date: February 1, 2018

    Do not install this! It costs a fortune to compete. Every unique item you need to upgrade can only be obtained by spending an absurd amount of money on a near daily basis. There are lots of glitches too. Every single event is for only premium customers. It costs a minimum of $150 for a 3 hour event. Please do not waste your time with this. I found out the hard way! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Dante Torgersen Published date: February 25, 2018

    If you have a MINIMUM of $100 e MONTH to drop on this game, then it's great! If not, it only causes anger, frustration, and hatred! Bullies abound and the game is too big for most devices! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    hector escobar Published date: January 8, 2018

    Play this game only if you are willing to spend 1000s of Dlls a month, the more you spend the better chances to win. New items every day making the previous obsolete. Updat es 2 or 3 times per week. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Joe Chambers Published date: January 17, 2018

    STUPID CASH COW GAME. I have been playing for about 6 months and today decided to quit because of the GAMEs thirst for your money. Unless you spend £100 a week on this GAME you will fall behind very quickly, meaning in short you can do sweet FA on the GAME. I advise you do not play this GAME, and do not feed the greedy ass devs at Ew. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Randy Reed Published date: January 4, 2018

    It is a good game but if you don't like going around hitting empty bases. Or waiting on shields to drop and hit somebody it is pretty boring . alliance chat can help pass the time. Always somebody bigger and hour after shield drops I get wrecked at level 310 so if you not willing to put some money into the game to try to keep up then it will be a waste of time. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Nephi Levering Published date: December 2, 2017

    No support. When they do "get back to you" they tell you force your game or they know about the problem but will not do anything about the game not working. I made a purchase that was supposed to give me a daily "free pack" i collected 2 and then it stoped giving them to me it took them 3 days to "get back with me"withe a mass email saying o yeah that's a problem not we are going to do anything about it just that's a problem. O yeah "force stop your game " . The next email i got told me to hurry and collect the "daily free pack" the game will not let me collect because they expire soon. Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Tom 302010 Published date: March 8, 2018

    Too expensive. I've been playing for around 2-3 years now. It was fun at the start but now its just sad. Its pay to win now. I can't quit because I've gotten so far and now its pressuring me to buy packs to control my account. And keep helping the big guys grow and leave the smalls alone? Can't just focus on bigs... Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Brenna Paul-Bernal Published date: November 30, 2017

    To get ahead you have to spend your own money to finish quests.. There is a glitch now that i cant open up the gifts. Already lost a lot and i log in daily.. Thinking of uninstalling it because you have to spend own money and being on income assistance your taking away from those in need! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Published date: January 5, 2018

    I have played this game for over a year and a half. I played everyday, it was one of those type of games you could not wait to get back to. But now you CAN'T play the game and have fun. All you do NOW is spend money today upgrade and research, and when you come back tomorrow a new pack is out and you are outdated. So SPEND MORE MONEY build, Research , and tomorrow start all over again. NO PLAYING,,,JUST PAYING... (And if you notice that the makers of the game don't even bother to comment on the posts, shows you how much they don't care about there patrons. All they want is your money 💰 💰 (UP DATE) the day after I posted this I could no longer play the game... Or type a message to them. Hundred's of dollars they just robbed me of.... Can't even contact them now.... Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Marco Favela Published date: March 4, 2018

    If you want to upgrade you have to pay for a pack. Starts with $4.99 then they force you to pay more everytime you need to get more supplies to upgrade or speed ups. After you purchase they force you to spend up to $99.99 per pack wich makes no sense! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Published date: February 1, 2018

    Game stinks so bad all they do is bring new stuff out weekly to suck hundreds out of your pocket and game glitches badly. Not fun to play what so ever so many better games out where you can play for free and fun not how big your bank account is! Full Review

  • Mobile Strike
    Mark Jones Published date: January 5, 2018

    I was play this game , y'all added way to much. And did ever update the way you open items you have to open 4 million units of resources one at a time ...... that crazy I will not spend any more money or time on this game Full Review